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Below you will find our 10 latest releases, both mixed wrestling and F/F, competitive and not.

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Mixed wrestling refers to wrestling activity between a man and a woman. However, while intergender wrestling mostly refers to the battle of the sexes in a professional wrestling arena, mixed wrestling has historically been used to describe more private wrestling matches, often, although not always, with erotic undertones. is a Montreal (Canada) based company which is specialised in feminine wrestling since 1999.Type: Competitive Mixed Wrestling Rules: Pins & Submissions Description: ...She is a former sportscaster for The Score."I always wanted to be an actor. As soon as I got out of high school, I went to The Second City and trained in improv comedy. I came back to Toronto and auditioned for different films, music videos, and commercials...being in Canada, I got stuck not getting lead role auditions, so I switched gears and got into hosting.

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